Casino Software Providers

Whenever you play at a casino, the games you play are mostly not specific to any one, single casino. Instead, each casino will set up an agreement with various software providers to deliver you the best games to play on.

This is why you’ll often see the same game available at multiple different casinos. Although some casinos develop their own exclusive games, and some will only use games from a single software provider, for the most part, online casinos use a range of different providers.

What are casino software providers?

Casino software providers are the companies behind the games you play. They are the ones that come up with the ideas, design the graphics, set the payout percentages, and code up the game to ensure it plays fairly and within the rules set by the regulators.

Software providers will often arrange their own licensing agreements with media companies to offer games themed on popular TV series, movies, and board games.


Standing out from the crowd

The online casino simply provides the website for which you can play the game and handles all of the payments, withdrawals and customer support. As each casino will usually end up with the same, or very similar, games to its competitors. It becomes harder and harder for new casinos to stand out. That’s why you are offered massive bonuses as an incentive to sign-up and play at each casino.


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Why are casino software providers important?

Athough each software provider is responsible for almost every element of the design and production of a game, including the software behind it. Not all software providers produce the same level of quality in a game.

Some are known for creating eye-catching 3D graphics; others focus more on the actual gameplay or unique, innovative features like progressive jackpots and bonus rounds.

Only a select few software providers achieve a combination of these things.

Importantly we also look at the games they offer, the casinos using them, their history, and their attitude to new technology. Before giving you the low-down on which software providers to look out for and which to avoid.

You’ll also find recommendations as to the best casinos to play each software providers games at and which are the best games they offer.

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