Betting and Wagering Calculator

The Free Betting and Wagering calculator, has been designed based on player requests as well as with simplicity in mind.

Most new players tend to be lured in by online casino, slots, sports, or bingo welcome bonuses, without having a full understanding of the wagering requirement behind the bonus.

Therefore, although you have the option to claim the bonus, which will require you to meet the wagering requirement before converting any winnings into withdrawable cash.

Alternatively, your second option is to reject the welcome bonus which in turn means you bet using your deposited cash, and any winnings made can be withdrawn immediately.


How to use the Free Betting and Wagering Calculator

Using the Free Betting and Wagering Calculator is incredibly simple when compared to other calculators on the market.

There are 2 available tabs to choose from, depending on the type of bonus you wish to pursue.


The Deposit Bonus Tab – Wagering Calculator

Consists of you entering your deposit amount followed by the percentage bonus amount (this would usually look like: Deposit £10 and Get 200% Welcome Bonus).

The final requirement is for you to insert the wagering requirement, this will be found by simply clicking on the brand review. Alternatively clicking ‘Play Here’, where you will see the requirement in the T&C’s.

Once this information has been added, simply click ‘Calculate’ for the results.


The ‘Free Money’, Tab – Wagering Calculator

Designed for bonuses that look like this: Deposit £20 Get £30 in Bonuses. Simply add the amount of free money offered, followed by the wagering requirement, displayed in the bonus terms and conditions.

You can then calculate the required wagering amount before your winnings can be converted into cash and withdrawn.


Calculating Wins against Qualifying to Withdraw

If, however, you have won money using the bonus funds given to you, you can add your winnings amount to the betting calculator which can be worked out against the wagering requirement. Once you click the ‘Calculate’ button, you will get the total amount required.

Simply work out the difference to ensure you have met the wagering requirement to withdraw or if you are required to continue to play through.


Why use the Free Betting and Wagering Calculator

The answer is simple! Unless your welcome bonus statesno wagering’, the bonus offer will have a wagering or staking requirement to the bonus. Knowing how much you can withdraw and when you can withdraw the funds you may have won, is very important.

The wagering calculator therefore allows you to simply add information readily available to you in order to get a total of what amount of money will be required for you to play through, prior to converting what you have into withdrawable cash.

This information is never displayed on the brands landing page, hence the important reason to use the wagering calculator.


Use the Free Betting and Wagering Calculator Across Other Bonus Offers

The Free Betting or Wagering Calculator can be used across all bonuses and has been designed for you to be able to use across other bets, whether it be Sports or Bingo, products which we currently do not offer.

Feel free to use this tool on any other offers you see online or on the which casinos site.